Experience the wilderness and wildlife at Tassie Tiger Lodge.

  Visit Tassie Tiger Lodge to see wildlife, to enjoy fishing, to go fossicking,

to search for Thylacines, to enjoy what northeast Tasmania has to offer its visitors.


Welcome to Tassie Tiger Lodge South Mount Cameron, Tasmania.  

Tassie Tiger Lodge is great value, budget style accommodation in the heart of north-east Tasmania's wilderness that has charm, character and is centrally located for touring a large chunk of  north-east of Tasmania's  mountains, forests and stunning coastline.

 South Mount Cameron has a long history of tin mining going back to the 1800s. The area is also rich in gemstones and gold and people still find good specimens in the local creeks and rivers after a good rain flushes them out of their hiding places.

There are several lakes in the area that have good stocks of wild trout. Pioneer Lake has a fishing competition every October when they stock the lake with Atlantic Salmon. The beaches, local rivers and creeks also offer good angling opportunities for trout, eels and blackfish.


 For affordable low-cost holidays in north-east Tasmania with wildlife and wilderness right at your doorstep ...

Tassie Tiger Lodge is focused on providing budget style accommodation for couples, families or small social groups that want to experience some of the sights and wonders that north-east Tasmania has to offer.

Within a short drive, there are many different sights to see and experience and is only 45 mins from Scottsdale and less than 1.5 hours from St Helens.

With the mountains right across the road, you are only a 5 min walk from wilderness and wildlife and the rich Tin mining history of the area.

Spend the day scouring the coastline and then return to a nice bottle of local wine and some cheese from Pyengana and relax by the fire.


North-east Tasmania was well known in the past for being a hot spot for Thylacine encounters with early pioneers and settlers. Rumours still persist to this day of sightings both in Tasmania and on the mainland and with over 4,000 sightings of thylacines since 1936, it would appear that even if only 10% were accurate sightings, they are definitely not extinct. They may be rare, definitely vulnerable but not extinct.

So come along and have an affordable low cost holiday relaxing in North East Tasmania and enjoy the fishing, the wildlife and who knows, you may spot a Tiger !!!

Cube rock, less than an hours walk from Tassie tiger Lodge.

The video above was captured in January 2014 not far from Tassie Tiger Lodge and offers some compelling evidence of a large four-legged creature in hot pursuit of a wallaby.....Could it have been a Thylacine??

Well, we would like to think so. If you pause the video at 45 seconds there is a very clear shot of what appears to be a rear foot imprint where the animal stopped and turned before taking chase again of the wallaby. Its the best evidence I have yet found of a four legged creature in hot pursuit on the hunt for game. Its definitely not a fox or a cat so it must either be a dog or a thylacine. And the reason why it must be a thylacine is because dogs don't have rear feet like that.....

The mystery will continue for many years to come I`m sure but if thylacines aren`t extinct then more needs to be done to protect their habitat as with all of our other native animals that are endangered or vulnerable. Tasmania is the last hope for many native animals that have become extinct on the Mainland due to foxes and cats. It`s a shame the govt spends so much time destroying the forests rather than protecting them and the rare, endangered and presumed extinct animals they sustain.